Austin Armacost finishes in second place during CBB Final

Austin Armacost has finished in second place during CBB Final.

During Austin’s post eviction interview, the runner up told Emma, being the “last American standing, I’m so proud of that…we’ve [James and Austin] been in bed together since night one…to get a spanking from Sherrie Hewson – I can die a happy man.”

On his relationship with winner, James, he said it was “outstanding. We’ve been through this incredible journey…I’m so pleased I made a friend from up north…that dude is a great guy, a strong pillar in that house.”
When Emma asked if his experience would have been different without each other in the house, he responded, “100%…no one else looked as good as me in a bathing suit so having him next to me…”
Revealing his feelings on being nominated by James,Austin said it “devastated me…I didn’t know why but after he gave me his reasons, I understand them…but it really p*sses me off.”
When asked if he believed James was playing a game, he said, “I don’t think that. We’ve spoken at length about what happened. I don’t think he was playing a game.”
Discussing his relationship with Janice, Austin said, “she’s a very strong alpha female. I’m a very strong gay guy.”
He believed the Brits tolerated Janice because, “they just keep their heads down and crack on.” However, he clashed with her because, “every time I would confront her I was provoked. I never went out looking for a fight…”
He reflected on his outburst towards Janice in the bedroom: “I was bang out of order with what I said…I had to psychoanalyse myself and she didn’t deserve that and hopefully I expressed that…hopefully that’ll never happen again. If I can go three and a half weeks in that house with having one outburst then I think I’ve done well.”

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