BBAU: Celebrity Big Brother revamp scrapped by Nine

Australian Celebrity Big Brother won’t be happening any time soon, as the format has reportedly been scrapped.

The Daily Telegraph have reported that Nine have shelved their upcoming edition of Celebrity Big Brother while it was still in the pre-production phase.

In March, Nine asked Endemol about a Celebrity edition of the Big Brother format, and secret began casting the show. However, after a few months of planning the show has reportedly been scrapped. In place of Celebrity Big Brother, Endemol tried to pull together a civilian edition of Big Brother at short notice.

“They ditched that idea pretty quickly,” the source said. “It was crazy to imagine pulling together a full season in such a short space of time.”

Big Brother’s last appearance in Australia was during last year, where the eleventh series aired on Nine. The show performed poorly and is thought to be the reason why Big Brother isn’t returning this year. The first and only edition of Celebrity Big Brother in Australia aired in 2002.

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