BBCAN: House gives Anick The Boot

Being evicted first out of the Big Brother House is always humiliating in any series of Big Brother around the world, 28 year old Reiki Master from Hanmer Ontario, Anick Gervais felt it first hand, as her fellow Big Brother HouseGuests chose her to be first out.

The House unamiously, by a vote of 11-0, sent Anick packing her bags:
Kyle voted Anick
Heather voted Anick
Andrew voted Anick
Arlie voted Anick
Jon voted Anick
Kenny voted Anick
Sarah voted Anick
Sabrina voted Anick
Neda voted Anick
Rachelle voted Anick
Adel voted Anick

Anick took her time to say her goodbyes and made her way up the famous stairs. Greeted by a large applause from the audience Anick told Big Brother Canada host, Arisa Cox “I doesn’t think the world was ready for the love revolution, my strategy was to go into the house not as myself. So I went in like an octopus and got blown out of the water.”. She also went onto to say that “getting off the ice block first (in the HoH challenge) was my downfall. Anick’s shared her thoughts with Arisa and said “I like Kenny’s energy and has a good chance to win” the Second season of Big Brother Canada.

Catch Big Brother Canada on Sunday, March 9 at 9/8c on Slice when the next Head of Household will be revealed

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