BBCAN: Season kicks off with first Head of House task and twist

Arisa Cox revealed that Canada would be given the power to send one Houseguest to the future.

Starting with the brand new Houseguests, they entered the House in two groups of four as they marvelled at the brand new house, taking on the design of a space port.

Arisa then introduced the returning Houseguests one by one as they entered the BBCAN Odyssey, giving the newbies a shock as they arrived. However, it wasn’t long before they were plunged into the first Head of Household competition which saw the Houseguests paired up randomly.

The task was an endurance task which saw them hang on for dear life, with the winning pair becoming immune for the week and being able to choose the first Head of House. Sindy and Karen won the task and announced Karen would become the first Head of House.

Big Brother Canada continues every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

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