BBCAN: Spy themed house revealed ahead of launch

Big Brother Canada’s seventh season is upon us and the new house has been revealed!

Global have revealed images of the new Big Brother Canada House, ahead of the season launch in a couple of weeks.

A spy theme takes over the design this year, with lots of grey and dark colours. Entering the House, a large eye will see the Houseguests enter Big Brother’s world, but what will lie in wait?

Once inside the house, a large open space with brown sofas, dark walls and technological items surround the new houseguests, as the all seeing eye. waits above them. The kitchen boasts a large round island with lots of space for the Houseguests to prepare food.

Out into the backyard, no natural light is available as grey and concrete take over. Houseguests will be able to relax and play pool, while a large Big Brother Canada icon waits.

Upstairs in the bedrooms, both are identical bar a colour change – one with red and one with blue. The bathroom continues the dark theme with more grey and more concrete, complete with metal effects on the showers.

The Head of House will be able to relax in luxury, with a brand new revamped suite, which looks like it has been pulled directly from a James Bond film. While luxury awaits the HoH, the have not room is a dentist from hell.

For the first time in Big Brother Canada history, the Diary Room has been given its own huge makeover and instantly iconic chair. Reminiscent of the seventh series of Big Brother UK, padded walls and a large padded golden chair await.

Big Brother Canada returns on March 7th.

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