Big Brother Renewal: What does it all mean?

With the news of Big Brother’s renewal, we take a look at what it all means for the show

Earlier today, Channel 5 announced that they had renewed the rights to Big Brother for the next three years. However, what does this renewal mean?

Does the contract include Celebrity Big Brother?
Yes. Channel 5 announced that as part of the contract, Celebrity Big Brother would return. There will be two series of Celebrity Big Brother each year – with the first in January and the next in the summer. There will be one series of Big Brother every year.

So, Big Brother is staying with Channel 5?
Of course! Channel 5 will keep Big Brother on air until at least 2018, where they will have the chance to renew their contract for the show again.

What number will the series end up at in 2018?
At the rate of the contract, Big Brother will air three times between now and then meaning we will end up at Big Brother 19 and Celebrity Big Brother 22.

January: Celebrity Big Brother 15
May/June: Big Brother 16
August: Celebrity Big Brother 16

January: Celebrity Big Brother 17
May/June: Big Brother 17
August: Celebrity Big Brother 18

January: Celebrity Big Brother 19
May/June: Big Brother 18
August: Celebrity Big Brother 20

January: Celebrity Big Brother 21
May/June: Big Brother 19
August: Celebrity Big Brother 22

Where will Big Brother be based throughout the contract?
Big Brother will continue to be made and broadcast from Elstree Film and TV Studios in Borehamwood, its home since Big Brother 3 back in 2002. Endemol recently renewed their lease on the studios to be able to produce Big Brother up until 2018, the same as the rights contract. The lease was renewed and approved, and request for the number of Big Brother live shows, such as launches and evictions, to be permanently upped to 32 per year – including 14 to be filmed midweek – has also been approved.

Will Emma Willis and Rylan Clark return to the show each year?
This cannot be answered for sure. We know definitely that Emma Willis is returning to present the main live shows for Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother this year, and that Rylan Clark is also returning as the main host of Big Brother’s Bit on the Side. After this year, we can only assume they will return. However, this can change year on year.


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