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Are you the official Big Brother website?
No, we’re not the official Big Brother Website. You can find the official Big Brother website at bigbrother.channel5.com

Is there a 24 hour live feed from the Big Brother House?
No, there isn’t a 24 hour live feed from the House. ¬†Channel 5 are however airing almost nightly installments of Live from the House after Big Brother’s Bit on the Side.

When does Big Brother/Celebrity return?
Celebrity Big Brother kicks off in January while Big Brother returns later in the summer.

Where is the Big Brother House?
The Big Brother House is located at Elstree Film and TV Studios in Borehamwood

How do I get tickets to a Big Brother live show?
Celebrity Big Brother: Live tickets can be applied for via Applause Store. Tickets are free of charge. More details of tickets and how to apply are situated around our website when the series is on air.

When does Big Brother air?
Celebrity Big Brother’s schedule can vary. However here is the basic schedule that Big Brother is expected to follow

Monday Highlights 60 Minutes 9pm
Tuesday Live Eviction 60 Minutes 9pm
Wednesday Highlights 60 Minutes 9pm
Thursday Highlights 60 Minutes 9pm
Friday Live Eviction 90 Minutes 9pm
Saturday Highlights 60 Minutes 9pm
Sunday Highlights 60 Minutes 9pm

Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side also airs on Channel 5 after the main highlights shows from Monday – Friday.