Day 1: Biggins becomes the secret boss during launch night task

Big Brother has set the Housemates their first task of the series.

Earlier tonight, Big Brother gathered the celebrity Housemates to the sofas to greet them to the House. It was revealed that to celebrate the first night in the House, Big Brother would be hosting a silent disco. Big Brother also revealed that there would be an important decision to be made.

One of the new Housemates would become the secret boss of the House. This means that they would be immune from the first eviction, have complete control over the first round of nominations and would be responsible for making big decisions. However, what the Housemates don’t know is that this is a lie.

The Housemate who the public vote as the boss will think that this mission is a secret, however the rest of the House will be in on the joke. The other Housemates must try and get themselves nominated by the boss in order to actually win immunity from eviction.

After the poll closed, it was revealed that Biggins is now the secret boss. Over the next few days, the Housemates must try and win immunity from the first eviction.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tomorrow night.

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