Day 1: Celebrity Big Brother star drops out before tonight’s launch

A housemate has reportedly walked Celebrity Big Brother – before it even starts

The Daily Star have reported that one of the Housemates set to enter the House tonight have walked from the show already, and another has threatened to quit. The tabloid has also reported that another Housemate gave producers a scare after disappearing over the weekend.

The paper said that “producers are working overtime to try to hold things together before the famous faces start entering the spy house”

Originally tonight there should have been 15 Housemates entering the House, but now only 14 will go in as a female Housemate backed out of going in, scared that it could ruin her career. Producers are now also scared that a big American name could quit at any moment.

The A-list star that has signed onto the show has reportedly been suffering anxiety attacks, and staff have been keeping away from the american to stop them panicking even further.

One backstage source said: “This housemate has really been struggling, didn’t like being in a confined space with lots of people and couldn’t seem to understand what was going on.

“That doesn’t bode well seeing as this person was about to be locked in a house with people he or she doesn’t know.

“We are keeping everything crossed the housemate doesn’t back out before tonight. Everyone is treating the star with kid gloves, we’re all scared we’ll lose another housemate.”

Celebrity Big Brother returns tonight at 9pm.

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