Day 1: Dee set secret mission to become royalty

Big Brother has set the first secret mission of the series

Earlier tonight, Dee was called to the Diary Room after Claire, James and David had entered the House. Once she had entered the Big Brother House, Big Brother told Dee that he had a secret mission for her.

Dee will have to act like royalty for the next 24 hours – as she becomes The Duchess of Sollihul. As the Duchess, she is 21st in line to the throne. It is up to Dee to convince the final three Housemates that enter the House – who are from America – that she is indeed royalty.

If she passes, the Housemates will live in royalty. If not, the Housemates will live like paupers. Dee was escorted out of the Diary Room into a makeup area where she was completely transformed. After she had a make over, Dee left the Big Brother House and returned outside to re-enter the House via the stage and main double doors.

Dee returned to the House via the main entrance and introduced herself as the Duchess. In 24 hours, the American Housemates – Angelique, Gary and Leslie will decide if they believe Dee is royalty or not.

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  1. dawny says

    big bro i am feeling a cracker of a show coming to us all u just could not get any better well done

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