Day 1: Katie Hopkins becomes enchanted mirror in CBB twist

Katie Hopkins has become the subject of tonight’s launch night twist 

Tonight, Katie Hopkins became the first Housemate to enter the Celebrity Big Brother House. As she entered the House, she was caught alone by the enchanted mirror in the living area. The mirror asked Katie for her help.

Over the launch, Katie will judge her fellow housemates who enter the House, deciding on the two least entertaining Housemates. After all of the Housemates have entered, she will re-enter the House as a normal Housemate and the others will be unaware that it was Katie who decided on the least entertaining Housemate.

However, there will be a price for Katie to pay. Katie was called to the Diary Room after picking the two Housemates who she thought were the least entertaining. The Housemates she has chosen will face eviction from the House. She decided to pick Chloe and Alexander 

Katie then re-entered the Big Brother House, but the mirror has placed a curse on her and she will have to be nice to all of her fellow Housemates until further notice.

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