Day 1: Sian given game advantage with Big Brother Currency

Earlier tonight, Big Brother called Sian to the Diary Room, where a box with golden counters was waiting for her. Big Brother explained that Sian had been given the advantage in the game after getting the most votes throughout the poll.

Big Brother also gave Sian a bag with golden coins inside, explaining that she was very lucky to have the coins as they are extremely rare.

After, Big Brother instructed Sian to return to the House to give the housemates all a bag with their name on it, as well as a letter. Big Brother has introduced a currency to the house called BigCoin, from the bank of Big Brother. Big Brother explained to the group via a message that this year, during the Housemates stay in the House, there will be no nominations and instead, everyone will be given the opportunity to find coins.

The three Housemates with the fewest coins – the poorest housemates – will face eviction from the House on Friday.

Inside the house, there is a leaderboard where the three Housemates with the most votes will be displayed. After the announcement, Big Brother dropped coins from the ceiling.

Big Brother continues on Sunday night with a 90 minute highlights show.

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