Day 1: Simon becomes first evictee in Big Brother launch twist

It’s the launch twist – and five Housemates have been hit by the first timebomb of the series, and one has been evicted

Earlier tonight, 15 Housemates entered the Big Brother House. After they had all entered, Emma Willis informed the viewers that the first timebomb of the series would take place.

Viewers were given the opportunity to vote via a free poll on the Big Brother app.  They voted to select five Housemates to take part in the first Timebomb Twist.  The five Housemates were Adjoa, Jack, Jade, Nick and Simon and they took part in a game which had huge consequences for one Housemate and rewards for others.

Adjoa, Jack, Jade, Nick and Simon had to stand in front of five Timebomb podiums which had the Housemates fate inside.
Jack got immunity and he will receive 3 immunity passes throughout the series.
Nick got nominations, and he will have to nominate face to face throughout his time in the house.
Jade got luxury and she will receive a luxury shopping budget, exclusively for her to use at some point during her time in the House.
Adjoa received nothing, and Simon received an eviction.

Simon became the first person to leave the Big Brother House.  He told his fellow Housemates upon leaving “Have a great time all of you…it’s been fantastic…showbiz”.  Simon left the House to boos.  When speaking to Emma he said: “For my five minutes of fame it was fantastic, I’ve got a career to go back to…its showbiz.  I’ve had so many rejections in my career it’s just one of many, its showbiz…I would have been fabulous buy that’s the way it goes.  I think they will have a really fantastic summer”.

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