Day 1: Tom enters the Big Brother House in Snap Election Vote

Tonight, Emma Willis opened the show and introduced the 15 Housemates who entered the House one by one. However, we were then introduced to four potential Housemates who were bidding to enter the House.

Tom, Simone, Andrew and Sue were all put together and were given the opportunity to campaign for their place in the Big Brother House. After all four Housemates had spoken, voting then opened for the public to decide who they wanted to see enter.

Simone finished in fourth place with the fewest votes. Sue finished in third place and Andrew in second meaning that Tom became the elected Housemate.

The People’s Housemate would be able to make decision that could effect the House, have contact with the outside world and would be fed information that could put them at an advantage compared to the rest of the Housemates.

Big Brother then told the Housemates and Tom what it would mean. Big Brother explained that he would be making his first decision tonight. The voice explained that Tom would soon be having his first contact with the outside world and would have to choose half of the House to revoke citizenship from. Those who had been chosen would be stripped of their citizenship and would mean they would face eviction on Friday.

Later tonight, viewers will be able to talk to Tom on a Facebook live. Big Brother continues tomorrow night at 10pm.

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