Day 1: Tonight on Celebrity Big Brother

NewEyeIt’s January 3rd 2014 which means one thing – It’s DAY 1 OF CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER!

After weeks and weeks of waiting it’s finally arrived. It’s Day 1 of Celebrity Big Brother and tonight Big Brother will unveil one of his biggest twists ever. So, what’s happening tonight?

Celebrity Big Brother 2014: The Live Launch

Channel 5

Emma Willis hosts the live launch of Celebrity Big Brother where 12 Housemates will walk right into Britain’s most famous House for the next three weeks. What is Big Brother hiding from the Housemates? What is his big twist?

Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side
Channel 5

Celebrity Big Brother wouldn’t be complete without Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side! Rylan Clark hosts the first edition of BBBOTS with celebrity guests and behind the scenes look at the Live Launch.

Celebrity Big Brother airs daily on Channel 5 with the first Highlights show airing at 10pm tomorrow night. Big Brother’s Bit on the Psych returns tomorrow night at 11pm. There is no Sunday edition of Bit on the Side this series. The highlights show airs on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 9pm with two live evictions on Wednesday and Friday at 9pm.

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