Day 10: Jamie and Jedward row over their noise

Jamie and Jedward have rowed over their noise!

Jedward are amusing themselves in the garden; “There’s no place I would rather be John! I feel like I’m in a music video right now!”

Brandon announces to his housemates that he is leaving the Big Brother house; “I’ve not been happy for a few days, I love you all, I’m just not myself. It’s a great experience but I’ve just not been feeling like me.” Housemates hug and say goodbye to Brandon. James C tells Brandon ‘it’s been such a pleasure’

Jedward try to persuade Brandon to stay, James J and Nicola tell them that ‘he’s made his mind up’. Jamie starts to argue with Jedward; “He doesn’t want to be here! Shut the f**k up! Leave him alone! You’re the biggest joke act I’ve seen in my life! You are just f**king noise!” Jedward reply; “That is hurtful…but I see the good in you Jamie…He’s just sad his mate is leaving.”

In the smoking area, Jamie laughs; “They (Jedward) wind me up! I don’t feel bad…who would have thought I’d be sat in this house having an argument with Jedward…what has my life come to?!”

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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