Day 10: TASK: 18 Certificate

Titles3Big Brother explains to housemates that the show has a mixed audience of older and younger viewers, therefore housemates need to provide viewing content suitable for both age groups. To achieve this, Big Brother has set up two rooms in the house, one 18 certificate, and one U certificate. The Housemates are divided into two competing teams, one team will be in the U room and one group in the 18 certificate room. Each team must ensure that content is relative to the age certificates. The team who provide the most content relative to their viewing certificate throughout the entire task will win.

U Certificate:






18 Certificate







Big Brother will provide housemates with guidelines which must be followed to ensure that the correct content is being produced in each room. Tasks will be given to both groups for housemates to follow to ensure they are providing suitable content.

U Certificate Room

The Housemates must keep Big Brother’s special friend Mr Monkey happy. Mr Monkey will frequently pop in to see the Housemates, sing songs with them and make them laugh.  The Housemates must ensure that they carry out each of Mr Monkey’s task with enthusiasm and positivity. The following hits will be taking place:


  • ·         Mr Monkey will make Dappy sing Happy And You Know It with a number of different actions.
  • ·         Mr Monkey will play Eye Spy with the Housemates but the answers are often very difficult.
  • ·         Housemates must have a happy hug and tell each other why they love them.
  • ·         Monkey Says! An annoying game of monkey says in which the Housemates must do exactly what Monkey says.
  • ·         Housemates must keep smiling at all times and be positive.
  • ·         Housemates must laugh at all of Mr Monkeys jokes.
  • ·         Housemates are not allowed to swear.
  • ·         Mr Monkey will cream pie Casey 5 times.
  • ·         The Housemates will be given a seemingly endless pass the parcel. The winner will receive a voucher for a hug with Mr Monkey.

18 Certificate Room

Housemates must provide Big Brother with ‘adult content whilst in the 18 certificate room.

They will have to do the following:

  • ·         When a ‘stripper song’ plays a Housemate must volunteer to perform a sexy pole dance, while the other housemates throw money at them.
  • Housemates must mosh dance whenever trash metal plays into the room.
  • ·         Housemates must go to the bar and tell each other their most sordid secrets in their pairs (Lionel and Luisa, Sam and Ollie and Lee and Jasmine)
  • ·         Housemates can help themselves to cocktails from the bar.
  • ·         Housemates have their own Hot Chat Line – A caller will ask Housemates to tell him about the dirty things that have happened in the house.
  • ·         In pairs Housemates must insult each other using their worst language (Lionel and Luisa, Sam and Ollie and Lee and Jasmine)
  • ·         With the lights turned down low, Housemates will share scary stories. However unbeknownst to the Housemates Big Brother will deliver a scare of their own as a zombie creeps into the room.

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