Day 10: TASK: Flirt Coach

Three Housemates are given flirt coaching in order to seduce other Housemates, unaware their targets are in on it.

Kimberly is called into the Diary Room by Big Brother and is told that she will be taking part in a very special task. Today she will teach three of the housemates to be better at flirting, but she will be teaching them a number of ridiculous, fake techniques.

Later in the day Big Brother announces to the House that the public has voted for four of the housemates to earn a reward – a picnic. (Kimberly plus the three single ones)

The rest of the house are sent to the bedroom, the garden will be set as a school. Kimberly is dressed smartly whilst her students are sat behind school desks. She teaches them their fake flirting techniques. They are told that there is a romantic dinner up for grabs for the one who learns best.

Later that day the house merges and the seducers will be sent out one by one to learn the new tricks. However, unbeknownst to the flirters, the flirtees are aware of their coaching and will pretend to swoon.

Later that day Big Brother gathers the three housemates in the diary room and asks them how they’ve done. They then go back into the house and the real task is revealed.

The reward for the flirting Housemates will be afternoon tea in the Garden. For the other Housemates in on the rouse, they will receive luxury pic ‘n’ mix.

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