Day -10: What you can expect from Celebrity Big Brother

Celebrity Big Brother is almost here and today we were exclusively invited back to Elstree Studios to meet with the executive team for the upcoming series.

Paul Osbourne – who was behind Big Brother 7 – and Tamsin Dodgson – editor behind Celebrity Big Brother in January – took time out to speak to us about what we could expect from this year.

Series Gap

There will be a gap between this years Celebrity Big Brother and Big Brother – but not a long gap.

Shopping Tasks

This year, shopping tasks are back in place. Housemates will be taking part on a weekly basis to gain their food.


There will be a consistent nominations format from the “very start”

Speaking about the celebrities that will be entering the house, each housemate has got a media storm behind them. The Housemates will not be expecting the series. There will also be a very clear difference between Celebrity Big Brother and Big Brother this year. The series will both look visually different and feel different.

Live Feed won’t be returning this year apart from one episode after eviction nights – following previous series.

This year, the titles will be hiding hints behind what to expect from the series and will be extremely different to the advert. The house itself has “hints of neon” and has been designed to keep the outside world out.

There will be a live twist on launch night and it will want you to keep watching. A Storm Unleashed will not be a live show, but will be featuring a twist.

Celebrity Big Brother returns on Thursday 16th August at 9pm.

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