Day 11: Heavy D argues with the House over secret alcohol stash

Heavy D argues with the House tonight over a secret stash of alcohol…

During tonight’s show, Bear makes a cocktail made of orange juice, apple juice, pineapple, cornflakes and coffee for a pool party. “I’ve made a cocktail…just a little bit for everyone…just a game, and I like pool party…It’s called the after party, yesterday was the party, today is the after party”

However this doesn’t go down well with Frankie who says “He’s a f^&king terror…all the f^&king coffee in the house is gone…

“You look angry, don’t look angry pussycat, you’re my pussycat, my cheeky little pussycat, I’ve made a cocktail”

“I’m your f%^king worst nightmare now…There are people around this world that are starving…have you lost your mind”

“I made a cocktail and it’s fruity…I got a reaction and I enjoyed it”

Later, Big Brother provides alcohol in the storeroom, Lewis hides some alcohol in in jeans and Marnie hides a bottle of wine in the storeroom. Bear, Marnie and Lewis pour wine and Heavy D feels left out. Lewis ends up giving Heavy D his wine but keeps all his beers and some hidden alcohol.

Later Heavy D then catches Marnie drinking her secret stash of wine from the storeroom and this creates an argument by the pool “This is wrong man…this is wrong…let them drown their sorrows…everyone is hiding their drinks…inside the storeroom”

“What’s happened?” says Bear.

“It’s sneaky”

“She [Marnie] is wheat intolerant and you are a greedy b%st£rd”

After the row, Heavy D talks to Big Brother in the Diary Room. “He’s been digging me out all night…maybe he feels threatened by my personality and my likeability”
Later on in the evening, Lewis talks to Big Brother about what’s happened. “He’s a wind up…he is a stupid geeza…I felt sorry for him…I wanted to show Marnie that I cared…and that I would at least stand up and confront the situation…I will not let another man stand there and say things to her that are just bullshit”

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