Day 11: Housemates nominate face to face, who nominated who?

The Housemates nominated for the first time yesterday – face to face

Last night, Emma Willis announced at the end of the eviction show that the Housemates would be nominating for the first time. She also revealed that it would be face to face nominations. The Housemates were gathered to the sofas and given cards with the pictures of the Housemates on, and here is who nominated who:

• James – Leslie and Gary
• Dee – Gary and George
• Kellie – Leslie and Gary
• Audley – Leslie and Kellie
• Frenchy – Leslie and Audley
• Claire – George and Stephanie
• George – Frenchy and Gary
• Leslie – Frenchy and Gary
• Lauren – Gary and Frenchy
• Edele – Gary and Frenchy
• Gary – Leslie and Stephanie
• Ricci – Gary and Frenchy
• Stephanie – Frenchy and Gary.

Stephanie’s nominations are discounted as she broke the rules, discussing nominations with James in her conversation about Audley. The conversation is replayed for the group.

Meaning that the Housemates nominated for eviction this week are Gary, Frenchy, Leslie, Stephanie, Audley, Kellie and George. The eviction will take place tomorrow evening at 9pm.

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