Day 11: Lateysha challenges Marco about his open relationship

Lateysha has challenged Marco after telling the Housemates he is in an open relationship.

On tonight’s show, Lateysha goes head to head with Marco and challenges his views after telling the House that he is in an open relationship, which lead to him sleeping with Laura.

It begins with Lateysha, Evelyn and Laura talking about whether or not Laura actually had sex with Marco. “If the penis went in its sex!” states Evelyn.

“It did.” replies Laura.

“You’ve had sex mate, the dick went in!”

Later on, Andy and Marco talk about Marco’s complicated love life. “I love Kim [Marco’s fiancé], I love her to pieces. I just get distracted…she’s a great girl…I got engaged in three weeks.” says Marco. Soon after, Marco and Laura kiss.

In the evening, Lateysha is challenging Marco about his open relationship. “She is the boss, but she gave me a complete hall pass for Big Brother.” states Marco.

“I’m going to be honest, that is bad on both girls. Do you think that she is going to be upset about what happened?…I just think that you should think about it before you go putting rings on peoples fingers.”

“I love her.”
“So what is it with Laura?”

“Its nothing. I definitely think I shouldn’t have done it cause now its not left me in a great position at all” replies Laura.

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm with the first live eviction.

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