Day 11: Ryan: “I think I’m just being stupid. I think I’m just being bit emotional”

Ryan tells Hughie that he’s being stupid and that they are “best mates” but another kiss soon follows..

During last night’s show, Hughie and Ryan kissed each other after Ryan returned to the Other House after failing his secret mission in the main House. On tonight’s highlights show, things take a different turn.

Ryan tells Hughie he thinks really fancies him “I’m not in love but I really, really, really fancy you, I think I’m actually in love with you…I just want to pull you closer, its just hard to look at you…I’m getting upset…I don’t want you to just be a friend.”

However, Ryan confesses to Alex and Jackson that he’s playing a prank on Hughie. Ryan and Charlie talk about setting Hughie straight after he told Charlie that he liked Ryan a bit.

Ryan then speaks to Hughie and they promise to be best mates: “I think I’m just being stupid…I think I’m just being bit emotional. Just ignore me.”

Later in the evening, Ryan and Hughie kiss again under the covers. “It’s f££cking hot in here. I don’t know why unless its because I’m next to Hughie, or what?”

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm with the first live eviction.

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