Day 12: Highlights: Housemates pass the shopping task and Lotan dances

During tonight’s show, Gemma admits she would like to have sex with Lotan

Imran and Lotan hatch a plan to mess with the house, and agree Lotan should disobey the rules. Hannah in her role of refuge worker must clean up after the mess Lotan creates, which causes tension between them.

The housemates and VIP’s gather at in the living room. Gemma, Marnie and Nicola thank the villagers for their hard work and announce that they have successfully passed the shopping task, ensuring that the employed housemates will receive a luxury shopping budget.


The unemployed housemates will not be eligible to receive the luxury shopping budget. The VIP guests can promote one unemployed housemate to receive the luxury shopping budget. The celebrities choose Lotan to be promoted, whilst Rebecca, Ellie and Kayleigh will remain unemployed and receive an economy shopping budget.

The celebrity guests initiate a girl’s vs boys dance off in the garden. Lotan impresses the girls with a strip tease, and Gemma says, “He is something else” and Ellie gushes “Oh god that’s made me happy”.

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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