Day 13: Farrah apologizes to Sherrie over last night’s row

Farrah has approached Sherrie and apologized over arguing with her the previous night. 

During tonight’s show, Farrah and Jenna are in the bathroom. Farrah says:‘By the way I am never talking to Sherrie again after she kept pushing me and pushing me.’ Jenna ‘It wasn’t just Sherrie, I could not believe the way that Chris, Bobby, Sherrie and Natasha were acting. I mean it was between you and Natasha. I mean Natasha she really took it personal about the food.’

Farrah comments that Natasha is just crazy, ‘She kept like saying negative s**t. So I was like you know what instead of bringing a girl up. You bring her down. You just attack people and you are just so negative.’ Jenna comments that Natasha may have had too much to drink ‘that was just childhood elementary school bulls**t. I don’t want any more god damn apologies to be honest. I’m just over it. I am over that fake bulls**t.’

However later in the show, Farrah apologises to Sherrie in the kitchen. On the other side of the table Jenna and Natasha mend bridges and discuss Farrah ‘I know that whatever I was to say to Farrah would fall on deaf ears.’ Jenna tells Natasha that she should try and talk to her. ‘I gave her a lot of my time yesterday, you saw me..I made a conscious effort…but she wanted that fight last night…we are not ever going to be the best of mates but let’s be civil.’ Jenna and Natasha hug it out.

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