Day 13: Ryan opens up about his feelings for Hughie

Ryan has opened up to Charlie about his feelings for Hughie.

In recent days, the duo have been seen sharing a kiss and flirting with each other in the Other House. The pair also went on a “date” in the other Garden.

On tonight’s Big Brother, Ryan opens up about his feelings for Hughie to Charlie. Ryan and Charlie are in the garden talking about Hughie.

“Never in a million years would I go for someone like Hughie… I wouldn’t even be friends with someone like him… joking about being in love has backfired… Charlie, I genuinely feel like I like him, Charlie I’ve f**ked it up.” says Ryan.

Later in the show, some of the Housemates are in the bedroom talking about Hughie.

“Did Hughie look at me when we were doing the challenge?” Sam

“Another romance.” replies Laura

“Showmance!” adds Georgina

“Showmance number two.”

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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