Day 13: Scoop’s speech causes House argument

Scoop’s presidential speech has caused a large argument inside the House..
President Scoop delivers a speech to the house ‘Natasha voiced her opinion she said ‘Mr President I want to come to you, I want to talk to you about what’s going on….Jenna walked in to it in the middle of a conversation and as anybody would being attacked got very confrontational. Natasha ‘Who was being attacked?’ ‘I just want to say one thing about the food in general…we are going to look f***ing crazy if we are seen as arguing about food. There are people in India, in Africa, in my country and your country that are homeless right now, that one slice of bread would be the biggest s**t that ever happened in three weeks…All I am saying is we need to fall back on that. Because image is everything and no matter what you say we all have brands in here….I don’t want my brand looking crazy. It’s a family right now…we will live together. I will listen to what you have to say and I will tell you what I feel and god willing we are going to work it out.’

Natasha is not happy with Scoop’s speech, ‘Was that a group chat or was that just directed at me?’

Farrah and Jenna are discussing Scoop’s speech in the beauty area. Farrah ‘I don’t even think they understood what the f**k Scoop was saying.’ Jenna ‘No they didn’t give a s**t. The only people that really kind of process things, you know digest things are like Stevi and Chloe…I ain’t got nothing to say to those ho’s.’

Farrah and Jenna are talking to scoop about Natasha, Jenna remarks that she was absolutely ‘on one last night’. ‘She was screaming profanity, she was calling her names and Farrah defended herself.’ Scoop remarks that he feels Natasha said ‘what everyone else was feeling but she had the guts to come and say it.’

Natasha explains her side to Scoop, ‘Listen Scoop, I don’t want to fight. I was trying to explain that to Jenna last night…I’m not going to let last night spoil my time in the house. I can honestly say I have not started one argument in this house. I have been civil, but if someone is in your face and it has happened quite a few times in a week now. I couldn’t just sit there and take it anymore. How I feel like what was starting to happen was because I didn’t rise there was almost like a pack mentality and you know it had nothing to do with Farrah and Farrah jumps in, both trying to overpower me when I was being very civil to Jenna.’

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm with the second live eviction.

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