Day 13: TASK: The Farm

The House will be converted into a working farm with the aim of making a profit. Three Housemates will become the farmers and must make cost saving decisions based on the welfare Vs cost margin of their animals. To pass, Farmers must meet or exceed a predetermined target profit which is sealed inside a locked milk urn from the top.


The House has been transformed into a slightly futuristic farm. The Housemates will be divided into different groups:

* Pigs
* Cows
* Chickens

The farmers are responsible for making sure that the farm is profitable by ensuring that the animals are making enough products to sell to Big Brother.

The animals will all wear very plain, basic navy boiler suits with a matching hat featuring animal accents (cow horns, chicken comb, pig ears) that are stamped with factory codes: P1G / C0W / CH1CK3N

The farmers will wear worker trousers, long sleeve shirts, wellies, waistcoats and flatcaps.

The animals will be kept separate in the day, in their own enclosures – chickens and pigs are in the Large Task Room and cows are free to graze in the Garden. Their sole purpose is to create produce for the farmer to sell and they must work hard to ensure that they are producing enough.

Throughout the task the farmers must make various decisions which will affect how much produce the animals will make, but these will come at a cost to the Housemates welfare.


Housemates are woken up and gathered on the sofas for a brief instructions read (“this week’s shopping task is X. To Pass you need to Y”)

Diary Room Set-Up
While everyone is still gathered we call the three people we have selected as farmers to the Diary Room. They change into their Farmer costumes in the Diary Room and then we patch plasma through to sofas so other Housemates can watch as the Farmers choose which Housemates become which animals.

Costume Change
Bedroom is set with costumes and Animals all get changed. Once ready they are directed to go to their respective enclosures – Pigs / Chickens in LTR and Cows in Garden.

First Shift
The animals are put to work for the first time and make basic products. Only one group of animals will be doing a shift at a time.

The chickens must fill cartons of eggs. The chickens will be cooped up in battery cages next to each other. An egg shoot will be positioned to one side of the chickens. They must catch the eggs that roll down without breaking them and then pass them, mouth to mouth, along the line to the Farm assistant who will box them up. One complete carton of six counts as one unit for sale.

The cows will make whipped cream. They will use cream from the milking tub. The Cows will use a manual whisk to whip the cream which they will put onto plain cupcakes. While they are working, the Farmer will be asked to motivate them using a cattle prod – this is a prop made by design which the Farmer will prod the Cows with. It is NOT electric and will not deliver a shock – it is just a visual..

The pigs must make sausages. Two pigs will ‘mince’ meat with their feet (like squashing grapes) in a trough of raw mince meat and sausage filling. The other two pigs must collect the meat and use an electric sausage stuffer to make links of sausages. They pass the links of sausages to the Farm Assistant who will package them up – four links to one tray equals one unit. The sausage maker will have operating instructions and we can switch it on and off from the camera runs. It will be PAT tested by Malcolm.

Feeding Time
The Farmers must feed their animals. Food will be delivered to the Store Room in buckets labelled ‘cows’, ‘pigs’ and ‘chickens’. The farmers must collect the food and then deliver it to the animals in their enclosures. The farmers will tip the food into the animals’ troughs. Each animal has a different type of feed.

Cows get ‘Cattle Feed’; Pigs get ‘swills’ and Chickens get ‘Pellet Feed.’

Picnic Hit:
After the animals have eaten, the chickens and Pigs will be allowed to get some fresh air in the Garden. They have pens in the garden to sit in as they are not allowed to roam free. While all the Animals are outside, Big Brother will deliver the Farmers a lovely delicious picnic for them to enjoy – right in the middle of the garden in front of all the miserable hungry animals.

Second Shift – Gourmet Food
The Farmers are told that they can earn more money by getting the animals to make gourmet farm products. For their next shift the animals will make:

The Chickens must make bottled pre-mixed cheese omelette. They will be given ostrich eggs with straws in them. They must suck up the egg liquid, gargle it/swish it in their mouth and then spit into a bowl for the farmer to collect. They must then nibble some stinky cheese and spit this into the mix. The farmer will collect this and funnel into cartons.

The cows are connected to fake mechanical milkers in the garden and make butter and buttermilk by shaking cream in jars to separate them into two products. The cream is inside a tub above their heads so that it looks like the cream is coming from the cows. The farm assistant sieves off the milk into milk bottles and the butter into tubs. Two scoops of butter per tub equals one unit and one full bottle of milk equals one unit.

SHIFT 2 – PIGS: The Pigs must make onion and anchovy flavoured gourmet sausages – they will chew these flavourings and spit into the mix they’re mixing with their feet.

The Slaughter House – Reclaimed Meat Quiz
The farmers in the Diary Room select the three animals – (one from each group) that they feel haven’t pulled their weight in work shifts – to send to the Meat Reclamation Factory.

In the Diary Room the Farmers are asked questions. Each animal must guess what the Farmers answered.

For every correct answer an animal gives he or she will receive money towards the profit. If they are incorrect, they will be squirted with “pig’s blood” will be squirted from a spout facing them in the middle of the table. Design will build this and control each squirt from our cue in the camera runs.

Question examples:
– Of the Housemates facing eviction this week. Who’s bacon would you most like to save and see stay on Friday?
– Which of these two Housemates would you say is the biggest cow? (pictures on DR screen of Pauline and Kimberly etc)
– Which of your Housemates is the most greedy pig?
– Which of your Housemates is the biggest wimp – the most henpecked?
– Of all the Animals, which Housemate’s neck would you most like to see on the chopping block for eviction?
– Which of these Housemates has the best udders? (Pics of Jale and Tamara)

We’ll be supplying hand sanitizer, hand wash and disinfectant for afterwards. The offal will be sourced from a supplier we have used before and as fresh as possible.

The animal with the most correct answers will win a meal for the rest of their animal group.

Dinner Feed
After a hard day on the farm the Farmers will be rewarded with a warm delicious dinner. The animals will be delivered their basic feeds again and protein shakes.

The cows and farmers will sleep in the regular Bedroom. The Pigs and Chickens will sleep in the Large Task Room. The pigs will be given pink blankets, pillows and camping mats. The chickens will be given burlap sheets, burlap pillows and camping mats.

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