Day 14: Angie attempts to leave the House after no sleep

Angie has attempted to leave the House yet again…

Some of the housemates are settling down to bed. Angie gets annoyed as she can’t sleep.

In the bedroom, an annoyed Angie is packing her suitcase, some of her housemates are laughing about the situation.

Big Brother calls Angie to the diary room, she demands, “I want to leave now! Get me my stuff! Give me my stuff! Now!” Some of the housemates can hear Angie yelling from the diary room.

Angie is still in the diary room talking to Big Brother, “Get me out of here right now!” Big Brother reminds her that they care about her. She carries on, “Gimme my sh*t!”

This is the second time Angie has attempted to leave the House after she tried to leave yesterday after sleeping in the living area.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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