Day 14: Jason comes face to face with Charlie after Houses merge

Jason and Charlie have finally come face to face after the Houses merged together.

On tonight’s show, the Housemates and the Others merge together and all become fully fledged Housemates. However, it’s not all fun and games as Jason and Charlie come face to face properly for the first time since finding out they were both in the house together.

Firstly, in the task area, Jason tells Charlie that it is good to see her and that they will have a proper chat later, the pair hug. Jason tells Charlie that he will ‘have her back in the house’. Charlie reveals that she has told The Others about how she treated him. The pair hug.

In the diary room, Jason is talking about Charlie, “It makes things harder for me. My main concern is for her to be happy. An unhappy Charlie is not the best Charlie to be around.”

In the smoking area, Charlie tells Jason, “I don’t mind top and tailing with you! I’d like to have a little cuddle with you.” She states that she will ‘fight for him’ and ‘seize the opportunity’

However, later on , Jason and Charlie are talking on the bedroom floor. She asks him ‘what direction are they going in’. He replies, “We are not together. We are in the Big Brother house, you are putting me in a position again.” She gets up and joins Jayne in bed.

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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