Day 14: Stephanie warned by Big Brother and argues with Gemma

Stephanie has been warned by Big Brother over her unacceptable behaviour in the House.

During tonight’s show,Housemates are waking up after a tense evening. Following arguments last night, Stephanie is waking up in a separate part of the house.

In the diary room, Scotty T is to talking to Big Brother, “I’m pretty gutted for Jeremy; he’s been different these last few days, as he likes Steph. They’ve been sneaking about kissing each other, she has a boyfriend and it’s bang out of order. He’s confused about it and it’s bothering me as he’s my mate.”

Before returning to the main house, Big Brother reminds Stephanie about her unacceptable behaviour that will not be tolerated. She apologises.

Stephanie returns to the kitchen, where she is greeted by Kristina, Angie and John who support her. She says she wants to speak to Gemma, “She likes to go for people’s weaknesses and is a bully.”

Gemma enters the kitchen, and Stephanie snaps, “Let me speak, then you can speak. Yes I am messy, yes me and Jez are really close, yes I’ve been through a lot. You are not going to bully me Gemma! My own mother wouldn’t speak to me like that.”

Gemma asks her to be quiet, “You don’t bother me in the slightest.” Stephanie continues to let Gemma know how she feels. Eventually Jeremy leads Stephanie out to the garden.

Tiffany and Gemma are in the garden, she tells Gemma that people are in agreement with her opinion of Stephanie.

In the bathroom, Stephanie reveals to Megan, “I’ve f*cked everything up! There’s no coming back from it now.” Megan agrees and advises her to ‘cut it off’.

Megan then tells Gemma that Stephanie is taking it out on her, as she knows she is wrong.

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