Day 14: TASK RESULTS: The Farm

The House was converted into a working farm with the aim of making a profit. JALE, CHRISTOPHER and MARLON became farmers and had to make cost saving decisions based on the welfare Vs cost margin of their animals. To pass, Farmers must meet or exceed a predetermined target profit which is sealed inside a locked milk urn from the top.

The Farmers decided which Housemates should be Pigs, Cows and Chickens.




Each set of the animals completed one shift today.

The Pigs were had the first shift, where they had to create sausages and the MARLON the farmer had to package their product. PAULINE and KIMBERLY minced the sausage meat with their feet while HELEN and STEVEN made the sausages.

The Pigs managed to make 30 units of sausages.


The Chickens had the second shift where they had to pass eggs down a line with their mouths and fill the egg crates. Six eggs equalled 1 unit and JALE was the farmer.

The Chickens managed make 3 complete units.

The Cows did the final shift where they had to make whipped cream and Farmer CHRISTOPHER had to put whipped cream on top of cakes and finish with a cherry on top.

The Cows managed to make 15 complete units.

Reclaimed Meat Factory Quiz
The farmers JALE, MARLON and CHRISTOPHER had to decide which animal from each group wasn’t pulling their weight. To be sent to the Meat Reclamation Factory.

For the Cows they chose CHRIS.
For the Pigs they chose KIMBERLY.
For the Chickens they chose MATTHEW.

In the Diary Room the Farmers are asked questions. Each animal must guess what the Farmers answered.

For every correct answer an animal gives he or she will receive money towards the profit. If they are incorrect, they will be squirted with “pig’s blood” will be squirted from a spout facing them in the middle of the table.

– Of the Housemates facing eviction this week. Who’s bacon would you most like to save and see stay on Friday?

The Farmers Answered: PAULINE

CHRIS answered correctly.

– Which of your Housemates is the most greedy pig?

The Farmers Answered: CHRISTOPHER

MATTHEW and KIMBERLY answered correctly.

– Which of your Housemates would you say is the biggest chicken?

The Farmers Answered: DANIELLE

MATTHEW, KIMBERLY AND CHRIS answered correctly

– Which of your Housemates is the biggest wimp – the most henpecked?

The Farmers Answered: PAULINE

MATTHEW, KIMBERLY AND CHRIS answered correctly

– Which of your housemates do you think is the biggest attention hogger?

The Farmers Answered: MARLON

CHRIS answered correctly

– Who is the laziest animal?

The Farmers Answered: KIMBERLY

None of the animals answered correctly.

As the animal answered most of the questions correctly they received £50.00 towards their goal and a takeaway for the house.

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