Day 14: The Others move into the Big Brother House

The Others have moved into the Big Brother House after two weeks.

At the start of this year’s series, Big Brother teased a dark force would be watching over the Housemates every move. This force was The Others – a group of individuals who would cause chaos and mischief.

After a weekend of battles to win immunity and control of nominations, the Housemates and the Others have now joined forces and are all in the game to win it. Last night, Big Brother gathered both sets of Housemates to their respective living areas.

“You were told that the Others would leave the Other house and enter the Big Brother house as Housemates. The Others, your time in the Other house ends now. You are no longer the Others, you are Housemates.”

The Others then left the other House and joined the Housemates in the main Big Brother House, but things weren’t as straightforward as it was a little awkward between Jason and Charlie. Jason claimed that he did not hear her confessing her love for him when the Others were revealed to the House on Friday.

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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