Day 14: Tiffany given a secret mission by Big Brother

Tiffany is called to the diary room and asked to complete a secret task, by sharing a series of funny fake rumours with housemates. If she is successful, she will win a pamper session with a housemate of her choice.

Tiffany’s first rumour is to Megan, about Christopher missing his partner.

She then convinces Darren that Jeremy really wanted Angie to leave, instead of Nancy, as ‘her feet smell like corn chips’.

Tiffany’s next conquest is to convince John that Scotty T has been repeatedly saying Stephanie’s name whilst he’s been sleeping

Tiffany explains to Angie that she has a thing for Scotty T, and has been undressing him with her eyes, Angie replies, “I hate to tell you darling, but it’s really obvious!”

Lastly, Tiffany reveals to Gemma that she saw John ‘stuff his pants with socks’.

Housemates are gathered at the dining table for the results of Tiffany’s secret task. As she convinced some of her housemates to believe her rumours, she has passed the task and wins a pamper session for herself and one of her housemates. She picks Angie as they’ve ‘grown so much together’ in the house.

In the bathroom, Angie and Tiffany are enjoying their pampering session.

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