Day 14: Tensions Boil For Our Housemates on tonight’s highlights

Tonight on Big Brother: Timebomb we can expect some more intense action from the house, as a sea of turmoil threatens the friendships between some of our housemates.

Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show include:


· Jade and Joel are in the bathroom Joel asks her “are you ok with the Twins?” “I haven’t spoken to them yet but I will, it has escalated and everyone has got involved for no reason at all, and then everyone got involved with me and Nick so I did feel ganged up yesterday so I did turn into a f***ing b**ch to defend myself, but I know for Nick’s sake I am going to stay away as I made him feel so s**t yesterday.”

· Nick, Sarah and Harriet are in the garden discussing Nick having to nominate face to face. Sarah mentions “ I will go under if I am nominated again today” Nick replies “ I just hate standing up, it is one of my phobias.”



· Jade comes into the bedroom and asks the Twins if they want to talk “how do you feel about it?” Sally replies, “the thing is you didn’t need to manipulate Nick to nominate us it isn’t fair, if you wanted to fine”. Amy comments “your reason to me isn’t legitimate at all.” Jade replies “my aura is too powerful I don’t connect to you and Eileen and sometimes I just can’t hold back. This is just my opinion, it’s not your fault, and it isn’t my fault”. Sally replies “but you can make it better instead of making it worse”



· Aaron is in the bedroom and is he showing Chloe how to twerk during sex.

· Eileen comes out of the Diary Room after she has made her nominations and made the following comments “I was the last one to do it and the second one was really really hard, the first one was easy.” Jade responds “both mine were a walk in the park”

· Jade and Nick are talking in the living room and he observes “I hate bitchy Jade” she agrees “ I know babe but what else can I do, run around screaming?” Nick comments “ I like Eileen!” and Jade replies “ I am half her age and she is picking on me a little bit”

· Big Brother gathers the Housemates on the sofa. As he won the nominations TimeBomb Nick has to nominate face to face whilst in the house. He is visibly upset making his choices. The nominations come to an end and Big Brother reveals they will find out in due course

· Nick comes to talk to Big Brother about how much he is struggling with face to face nominations and that he has made the wrong decision and feels like a bad person. “If this was real life I would just run away, I am so used to being able to run away”


· Kieran and Danny are talking in the garden Kieran questions “how are you and Sarah getting on?” Danny replies “I don’t know if I’m going too far, head massages and lying on her. I feel like having a chat with her and I don’t want her to think there is anything in it.” Kieran answers “all you can do is chat to her.”



· Jade is in the Diary Room “I feel like my personality is changing in this place, I feel backed into a corner with a pack of wolves. I can’t handle the behind the back bitching, the snide remarks and comments. I don’t like it.”

· The Twins are in the toilet bitching about Jade “ I would love to see the back of her, bang bang the witch is gone, she makes me feel uncomfortable to be anywhere in here, she is just so awful a horrible horrible personality.”


· Nick and Jade are in bed chatting, Jade comments “I think if you stay here it will go up again.” Nick replies, “No, I think this house is f**ked, I hope I go this week, I just don’t want to quit. I like everyone in here and I think people are enjoying it and I don’t want to be a burden” Danny comes into the bedroom and asks Nick if he is alright “Yeah, I went through a stage of feeling really emotional and wanting to go and walk out the doors” Danny discourages him “do you know what mate just don’t do that you will be really disappointed with yourself”.

· Sarah is talking to Kieran about Danny “ I do feel he is being a bit snide pushing away a bit, I don’t know why” he responds “only you can have that conversation”


· Danny is in the Diary Room “me and Sarah have banter sometimes, I think she does things to me she doesn’t do for anyone else and I appreciate her so much. I just don’t want her to think that it is more than it is. People making comments put me off the subject. Is there a nice way to say there is nothing more than friends without offending her?”

· Sarah and Danny are talking in the garden she says “ I am trying to be friends with you and you are pushing me away” he replies “ I do know that but it takes one comment from someone and it just puts me off and I don’t need it”

Big Brother: Timebomb continues at 10pm tonight on Channel 5

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