Day 14: Weekend From Hell comes to an end with shock eviction task

It’s the last night in hell for the Housemates, and it results in a shock eviction.

Last night in ‘Hell,’ Calum and Jasmine slept in the same bed. Stacy is in the Diary Room talking about Calum. She says he is “amazing, smart, funny,” but is confused about his closeness to Jasmine. “What made him choose the ho of the house, stay away from the cray!” she yells.

The ‘Hell’ Housemates are in purgatory for the final chance to win back a place in the ‘Land of the Living.’ Each ‘Hell’ Housemate has been given two lives and will be asked questions about their ‘Land of the Living’ Housemates. The first to buzz in with the correct answer can choose to remove a life from another player.

Once three Housemates have lost both their lives, they are eliminated from the game and will continue to live in ‘Hell.’ The three winning Housemates will return to the ‘Land of the Living.’

Stacy takes a life from James C and he comments: “If this mic just heard something, it was my heart breaking.”

At the end of the game, three winning Housemates regroup with their Housemates in the ‘Land of the Living’ to a great reception.

Housemates have been gathered on the sofa. Big Brother announces that they must now make a very important decision. The fate of the remaining Housemates is in their hands – they now face the ultimate doom of eviction. Housemates must all agree which Housemates must never return but instead face the indignity of eviction through the side door.

The decision has been made and the ‘Hell’ housemates return to the house.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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