Day 15: Housemates begin on your head shopping task

This week’s shopping task begins called ‘On Your Head’. Housemates have to take part in a series of challenges in which they can all earn points. But only two housemates will count towards the task. They have not been told this and have been told it’s the team with the highest points at the end who will win – the public have voted that Team UK will be represented by James, and Team USA will be represented by Farrah.

The first challenge is to sacrifice something they love. Janice says goodbye to her makeup, James says goodbye to his hair products, Gail says goodbye to cleaning, Farrah says goodbye to her lip glosses and lipsticks; Sherrie: her curlers; Scoop: his sunglasses; Jenna: her hair extensions; Natasha, her son’s bracelet; Bobby: his dressing gown; Austin: his vests.

When the klaxon sounds the housemates much run to the dancefloor in the garden and bust their best hip hop moves give to them by Big Brother. They have to dance to Fatman Scoop’s hit Be Faithful.

Part three of the task the housemates must pour buckets of slop over their opposing team members to win points. Bucket number one is congealed vegetable soup; bucket number two contains rotten cheese, James finds this one a little too much to handle and retches.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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