Day 15: Jedward argue against Stacy and Housemates nominate face to face

Check out tonight’s highlights.

All housemates are gathered in Hell for this week’s face-to-face nominations. New housemates Chloe, Jessica and Kim are immune from this week’s nominations but they themselves are able to nominate. Kim and Nicola start to bicker, some housemates get emotional. Nomination results to be revealed in tonight’s episode

Some of the housemates are in the smoking area, Jessica strokes Calum’s face; “Ah, you’re definitely cute!” He smiles

In the bedroom, Kim tells Stacy; “Nicola’s a good soul, I don’t dislike her but she’s given me a life of bl**dy hell!” Stacy adds that Nicola ‘is kind’.

James C confirms that he has ‘made friends’ in the house. At the dining table, Stacy tells Jedward that everyone in the house thinks they are ‘defensive’. Jedward argue back but confirm; “We are aware of it now.” James J adds that ‘they can’t take criticism’, they disagree

James J believes a few housemate are playing the game, especially Kim; “It’s all an act!”. Kim is talking to Speidi; “There’s no loyalty in the Big Brother house!’ Speidi believes that James C could ‘win the show’.

Spencer is trying to wind-up Kim, he shouts; “I’m trying to get Kim thrown out!” They laugh. Nicola says; “Kim did you tell them how much you hated them?” Kim starts to argue with Nicola; “You’re a little stirrer! Grow up! Don’t start with me you little b**ch!” Nicola gives Kim a look of confusion, Kim goes to have a shower and mutters; “Horrible people”

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm with the fourth live eviction.

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