Day 15: Lateysha quizzes Jayne about her past

Lateysha has quizzed Jayne about her past…

During tonight’s highlights show, at the dining table, Lateysha asks Jayne about John Terry.

Jayne reveals, “This happened when I was in my late 20s / early 30s, I was stupid. He wasn’t playing for Chelsea at that stage. I was a promotions model, he was a really nice guy and handsome.”

“I was single and he said he was single, I asked him to come over. It was one night, very very brief. It all got out.” She continues.

“His partner called me, and said she was his fiancée. She was adorable. I said I was so so sorry, he told me he was single.”

Later on, in the bedroom, Natalie is talking to Emma about Jayne, “She does a lot of online dating to meet men. She is not as innocent as you think she is. I’m an open book, she is a dark horse.”

In the evening, on the sofas, Jayne divulges to Andy that she ‘struggles in the house because of the age group’

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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