Day 15: Lionel Blair becomes third CBB Evictee

LionelLionel Blair has become the third person to be evicted from this series of Celebrity Big Brother House

On Wednesday night, we saw Jasmine Waltz walk out of the famous double doors to the Celebrity Big Brother House and down to the red carpet where Emma was waiting for her. As she thought she was safe from the clutches of Big Brother – there was one more shock for her.

Big Brother asked her to save two Housemates from eviction, as all Housemates were nominated. She saved Linda and Casey from eviction meaning the rest of the Housemates would still face eviction. After two more grueling days of waiting it came down to tonight’s vote. It meant that Lionel has become the third person to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother House.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tomorrow night at 10pm and the next eviction takes place on Wednesday at 9pm.

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  1. emma was tv gold says

    “i cant bare grudges” (i will tell you what i think and do not care what you think, even if it is selfish and two faced) and the next day i expect you to be friends with me again). nice to see the coconut knocked of its perch with a hard hitting eviction ball.

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