Day 15: Natasha and Jenna argue over Janice

Jenna and Natasha have argued over Janice.

Jenna tells Janice in the bedroom that Natasha was rolling her eyes every time that Janice was talking in the task. ‘She is so incredibly two faced and she’s got to get called out’.

Natasha is in the bathroom with Austin and James. She tells them she is ‘stressed to f**k.’ and starts to cry, ‘it’s just a stressful environment.’ James and Austin try to reassure her. Natasha says ‘The thing is when you’ve got two girls who are just giving you vibes it’s uncomfortable.’ James tells her she is a ‘fighter’.

Jenna is in the diary room talking to Big Brother ‘I sit back and look and see Natasha giving Janice..rolling her eyes so far back in her head she can see your know what b***h it is so evident how fake she is. I do not stand for that s**t. I think it’s ugly, I think it’s embarrassing and I think it shows exactly what kind of person she is. You can kind of tell by her sour ass mug..the girl is not cool. She is not a good girl. And to me she is the cancer of the house.’

Jenna and Natasha are in the kitchen trying to build bridges. Jenna ‘The only people that can p**s me off are people I care about. And I truly care about you. When you stood up and you nominated me and what you said I was just made me feel like crap and I don’t think I deserve that. I mean we did have an exchange but we were on a different level than you doing that.’

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