Day 15: Nominations – Who Nominated Who?

Housemates have nominated for the second time this series

Yesterday, Housemates took part in the first round of normal diary room nominations, and six Housemates now face the chop from the House. Here is the list of who nominated who. James and Audley are exempt from nominations as they passed the dome task and and were granted immunity.

George nominates Frenchy and Gary

Audley nominates Frenchy who is “not a team player” and Stephanie who is “too selfish”

Stephanie nominates Gary “because of the hygiene and cleanliness thing” and Kellie who “tried to stir up a fight”

James nominates Kellie because she “kicks off and causes a massive scene” when things don’t go her way and Frenchy who is “really, really crazy”

Ricci nominates Frenchy who is the “most unpredictable person in the House” and Gary who is “very, very rude”

Dee nominates Frenchy who was “verbally abusive to Lauren” and Stephanie who is “a lost soul”

Gary nominates Frenchy and Kellie who is “ready to move on and take the next step…”

o Lauren nominates Frenchy because “it’s all about her” and Gary who is “a little bit rude at times”

Frenchy nominates Ricci saying, “you have to be a good team player” and similarly Lauren because “I don’t think she has done a lot of team work”

Edele nominates “unpredictable”, “irrational” Frenchy and Gary who she says, “I’ve had some nice moments today, but I don’t yet trust that those moments are real”

Kellie nominates Frenchy because “she’s playing a double game…too unpredictable” and Stephanie because she feels “let down…I can’t trust her”

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