Day 16: Bianca and Jamie kiss and Housemates prepare for the eviction

Take a look at some of tonight’s highlights.

Some of the Housemates are in the kitchen. Chloe is lying on the sofa enjoying the sunshine. Spencer has the sliding door wide open. Kim closes the door and says that some of the Housemates are cold.

Spencer opens the door and a tug of war begins with him and Kim. “I’ve got nowhere to go lovely,” smiles Spencer. Eventually, Kim decides to give up “I realise I’m being childish.”

Nicola is discussing her nomination from Kim yesterday with some of the Housemates. She thinks that Kim’s tears were “contrived” and say that she will not be made to look like a “Mean Girl.”

Spencer tells some of the Housemates that if James C is saved in tonight’s eviction he would see him as “a major threat, a silent killer.”

In the bedroom, Chloe asks Stacy and Bianca which male Housemate they think has the “biggest willy.” The mention James and Chloe starts talking about “Santa.” They both laugh and tell her they meant James J. Stacy adds that although James J is married he still has “that sexy thing going on.”

Kim has come to the Diary Room to talk about Spencer, he complimented her earlier. Kim tells Big Brother she will not be “goaded” by him or “rise to the bait.” She says she will not mix with “scum.”

Jamie is confiding in Nicola about Bianca and calls her “wifey” material. James J is tickling Coleen in the garden. “You grabbed my boob,” Coleen laughs. “I didn’t expect them to be down there,” James J jokes.

John is in the bathroom crouched down, looking in the cupboard. Chloe comes out of the shower and playfully rubs her bare bum on his back. John laughs: “I’m not attracted to you in that way.”

Nicola is in the garden playing cupid. She tells Bianca that Jamie likes her and asks if she likes him too. “I think he’s wicked, it’s just embarrassing, but nothing can happen in this house.”

Big Brother sets Chloe a ‘Worldly Wise’ task in order to win a deluxe dinner of Chicken nuggets and chips. Chloe must find out if you sneeze with your eyes open do they fall out, if dinosaurs were real and what came first the chick or the egg?

During her task, Jamie tells Chloe that we all start from an embryo. Chloe comments: “You’re dead clever, you’d never think it.”

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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