Day 16: Housemates tested with yes or no questions in latest task

Housemates have been testing how well they actually know each other in the latest task..

For today’s task, housemates are tested on how well they know each other. Housemates must answer a series of YES or NO questions by standing on the relevant squares in the garden. From the diary room, Danniella and Christopher must predict how housemates answered the questions, in order to win a prize.

The first question that housemates must answer is: Have you worn the same pair of underpants twice whilst in the Big Brother house? Jeremy and Darren are the only housemates to answer yes, Danniella and Christopher pick Darren correctly.

The next question is: Are any of your housemates jealous of you? Gemma is the only housemate to stand on the yes square. Danniella and Christopher don’t think she answered yes, so the pair is incorrect. Gemma reveals, “In the house there are certain people b*tching and moaning about me, so there has to be a hint of jealously.”

The next yes or no question is: Are you talented? All housemates stand on the yes square. Scotty T remarks, “I am good at sports and the gym, I’m quite clever and like to think of myself as a good cook, and I like to think I’m good in bed, so wicked!” Danniella and Christopher pick correctly.

The last question is: Do you have any regrets about your time in the house? Megan, John, Jeremy and Darren all stand on the yes square. Jeremy explains why he stood on the yes square, “I have no regrets in life. We’re in a bubble in here…I regret getting a bit too involved (with Stephanie).”

Whilst looking at Gemma, John comments, “I regret I let certain people get to me so much that I cried.” She replies, “You should really try and forget about me. You’re obsessed with me!”

As Danniella and Christopher correctly guessed the majority of the answers, they passed the task and won a takeaway for the house.

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