Day 16: Jayne is unhappy with the mess in the House

Jayne isn’t happy with the mess that the Housemates have made in the House..

During tonight’s highlights show, Jayne shows her disgust at the state of the Big Brother House to her fellow Housemates.

“I’ll call a meeting if I have to. I don’t intend to live in squalor. I just thought we would all just pitch in.” she states. Jason volunteers to do the washing up. Lateysha, Sam and Georgina are discussing Jayne’s ‘demands’. Sam comments; “We work quite well thank you.”

Later,  In the kitchen, Jayne is talking to Evelyn about cleaning; “Cos I think we need to watch infection control, for example if we don’t disinfect surfaces. Then we are all going to go down with the lurgy.”

In the bedroom, Chelsea comments on Jayne’s cleaning rota plan; “What she’s trying to do is a great way to start an argument. She’s off her rocker!” Natalie replies; “All her true colours will start come out, she seems to have decided she wants to run the house.” Sam states he will ‘not be told what to do’

Big Brother continues at 10pm tonight on Channel 5.

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