Day 17: C5 controller, Ben Frow comments on Timebomb and Helen Wood ban

Channel 5’s controller, Ben Frow, has spoken out about Big Brother and Big Brother 2014 winner, Helen Wood.
Speaking at the Edinburgh TV Festival, Ben Frow has spoken out about the most recent series of Big Brother and the mistake of putting Big Brother 2014 winner, Helen Wood, on television.

Talking about Timebomb, Frow said: “It’s hugely entertaining. It’s a really important show for us, the new series starts tonight at 9pm. Every viewer welcome after the summer run which wasn’t so good. We work very hard to make it entertaining, to try and make good TV, certainly I love having it in the schedule.

We use it strategically to launch new series. January (Celebrity Big Brother 15) was the most successful, ironically the summer (Big Brother 16) was the least successful. It’s just one of those things you don’t know how it’s going to land.”

Frow also discussed Big Brother 15 winner, Helen Wood, saying “We had strong editorial discussions with the team.. you know, I didn’t like Helen Wood, I think she’s a bad person. Other people said she’s great TV but there comes a point where I go I don’t want her in my life”

The interviewer challenges his view and says “You put her on the television”. Frow goes on to say “Yeah, but then I banned her from being on any other bits. Rightly or wrongly, I think there comes a point with editorial where you say enough. Actually, viewers are important, the ratings are important. I have to live with myself and ultimately I have to live with every decision I make. Rightly or wrongly I have to be comfortable with that decision, and sometimes I think you have to draw a line and say I don’t want any of this on the telly.

Frow has also commented on about the appearance of Katie Hopkins during the last series of Celebrity Big Brother. “Sometimes it’s ugly. There are times where I watch it and go, I’m uncomfortable, I was uncomfortable with Katie. I was very uncomfortable with Katie” Though, he said that he “loved” Perez Hilton.

Celebrity Big Brother continues at 10:30pm on Channel 5.

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