Day 17: Eight people face eviction in Veto Twist

Big Brother has revealed that eight people face eviction from the Big Brother House

Last night, it was revealed that Toya would team up with a Housemate of her choice to become the Power Couple. She decided on Matthew. Earlier today, a nominations twist was revealed. It was announced that the power couple were able to choose three Housemates and that the three Housemates would have their nominations discounted from the final tally. The Housemates were unaware and nominated as normal.

Tonight, Big Brother gathered the Housemates on the sofas to reveal who faces eviction this week. Danielle, Ash, Chris, Marlon, Steven, Kimberly and Winston were all nominated.

Big Brother then revealed the power couple had the power to choose three people – Ash, Steven and Marlon – to have their nominations discounted, and that thanks to the power, Kimberly would no longer face eviction. Jale and Christopher will also face eviction.

So, to confirm, Ash, Danielle, Chris, Marlon, Steven, Winston, Christopher and Jale will face eviction from the House. The nominations could change again however with one of the Power Couple still to be nominated.

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