Day 17: Four Housemates are killer nominated as part of murder mystery task

The Big Brother house has been transformed into a crime ridden city for a Murder Mystery task. Housemates have been given new identities and costumes, and must solve the murder to complete the task.

Sam and Sarah are brought to the diary room, and find out they have been voted as the murderers in the game via an online public poll. Brandi and Paul are the detectives in the criminal case team. Their mission is to uncover the killers in the game.

Sam and Sarah are asked by Big Brother to killer nominate two housemates undetected by marking the face of the selected housemates on the video wall. They mark Paul and Brandi.

Brandi and Paul go to the diary room to talk about the killer nominations. Sam confesses to Shaun as his confidant, that he and Sarah are the killers in the task.

Brandi and Paul interrogate Sandi as part of the task. As they walk away, Brandi says to Sandi, “Going to miss you when you go”. Later in the garden, Brandi and Sandi argue about the tension between them in the house.

Chad and Sarah are in the storeroom. Sarah kisses Chad, before saying “You know there is still a camera here?”

Brandi tells Jemma about a comment Sandi apparently told Paul; “She doesn’t like you either. She thinks that we’re immature and she thinks that we’re a mess.” Jemma walks into the garden to confront Paul about the allegation. A row breaks out between Jemma and Paul. Sam walks over the Sandi in the garden and tells her “I’m the f**king killer! They went, pick two people if you want to win the game. Obviously I’m going to pick the two police officers. It’s become, not a game, and become a f**king huge thing.”

Paul goes to the diary room to talk about Jemma. He threatens to leave the Big Brother house; “F**k this! I’m out of here! She’s won!” He eventually calms down and remains in the house. Brandi, Jemma and Sandi continue the argument in the living room.

As part of the case, Brandi and Paul visit the deceased victims office. Big Brother has hidden a series of quotes underneath items in the room, spoken by other housemates about Paul and Brandi. The other housemates watch from the screen in the living room. Paul and Brandi need to decide whether this evidence can help them solve the case.

Brandi tries to talk to Sarah and Chad about her response to their comments she found during the task. Both refuse to accept Brandi’s explanation.

For the next killer nomination, Sarah and Sam must place a horse’s head into the bed of the nominated housemate. They choose Helen and Derek. Chad, Paul and Sarah are in the bedroom talking about the task. Paul tells them; “I’ve got to say, you guys are suspects.” Sarah tries to suggest to Paul that Jemma is the killer. Paul replies; “I wish she was. I’d love her out.”

Sam goes to the diary room to talk about the task. Talking about Sarah, he says, “I was paired up with a girl that I would have voted for. I would have killed her off!”

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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