Day 17: Gemma: “I don’t want to be in here anymore”

In the diary room, Gemma is venting, “I don’t want to be in here anymore. I’m sick of tasks. I’m not going to be taken the p*ss out of, you think it’s funny! I’m even painting my own nails…I’ve not enjoyed one bit of this place. My hair is frazzled; you’ve only got straighteners in here not heated rollers. I’m not going to perform anymore.”

Gemma explains to Tiffany that she feels Christopher doesn’t like her. Tiffany replies, “This is a game! People are strategising. I wasn’t put here to play kiddie games; it’s not on the agenda of Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard.”

In the kitchen, Gemma asks to speak to Christopher as he mentioned her name in the task. The pair goes to the toilet to talk. He tells her not to take it personally, and that he loves her.

Later on,Danniella discovers that Jeremy’s shoe is hidden in her bed, she is not impressed. John confirms that Stephanie did it.

Gemma is next to discover that her expensive shoes have gone missing, she is also unimpressed. In the bathroom, Christopher explains to Stephanie and Jeremey that Danniella and Gemma have ‘flipped out’ by the pair’s earlier pranks. The pair denies they touched Gemma’s shoes, however own up to the prank they played on Danniella.

Christopher relays to the housemates in the bedroom, that the pair didn’t touch Gemma’s shoes. He tells Danniella that they responsible for her prank, she is annoyed, “It’s not f*cking funny! She’s got two fellas running round her doing everything for her! She’s doing what she wants, and no one is saying nothing. I’m steaming!”

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