Day 17: Housemates take part in unusual tasks for latest shopping task

Housemates have been set their latest task to win shopping for the House.

For this week’s shopping task, over the next two days housemates will just have to go along with the random, exciting and unusual things that Big Brother puts in the house. Due to medical reasons, Darren and Stephanie are exempt from the first activity.

Kicking off the task, a techno spinning class has been organised for the housemates in the garden. Housemates are woken up by the spinning instructor, and techno music is played into the house.

For the next part of the shopping task, Tiffany and Christopher will be just going along with being wildlife presenters, in the jungle TV show set in the task room. The pair must read out facts from an auto-cue about the animals they will be handling. Some of the facts are untrue, and the pair also must mention the names of some of their housemates when prompted.

The first animal that they must talk about is a tarantula. Christopher is terrified but carries through with holding the spider; housemates watch on from the living area.

The next animal they are asked to talk about is an albino python. Tiffany is shocked and refuses to go near the snake. After a while, Tiffany is brave enough to stroke Steve the snake. The pair completes the task.

For the next part of this week’s shopping task, Jeremy is delivered a pair of crying baby dolls to look after. Stephanie remarks, “Jez you’re a daddy!” He replies, “Are they ours?!” Jeremy now has to babysit the baby dolls until further notice.

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